About Maxia Cosmetics

Maxia cosmetics an Israeli multinational cosmetic, skin care, fragrance and personal care company. Our traditional business model is established and inspired by the nature, it obtains plant extracts and natural ingredients of confirmed effectiveness.

We have established our company in Israel where you might find the most effective and luxurious ingredients. The revenue of our company sales are expected to be from worldwide customers depending on the variables that are factored in with investments and the growing of the beauty & cosmetics industry.

Maxia cosmetics products

Our proud and advanced cosmetics products are being used of the latest advances in cosmetology and dermatology. In addition to facial cosmetics business our company also specifies in luxury hand made fragrances, both for men and women.

„Maxia Cosmetics special care

Maxia Cosmetics provides a special care at the beauty industry as well as beauty consulting. Our products feature a wide range of skin care, fragrance and hair care products. Our main goal is to enter the Russian market within the known: Spa Salons, Hair Salons, Boutique Shops and further more.


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