Maxia Pure Crystal Peeling 120ml

Maxia Pure Crystal Peeling

Active components are the extract of  tomato seeds and cranberry kernels.
It is  recommended as superficial peeling to prepare for major cosmetic procedures.
Plan based phytosterols restore the skin barrier and thus subsequent moisture  treatments and nutrition are becoming more effective.
So it is the strengthening of the skin, due to the inhibition of the enzymatic destruction of the dermal fibers.
The natural balance of Omega 3-6 allows the skin of any type as efficiently as it needs to assimilate the fatty acids.

Cosmetic effect:

Restoring skin barrier.
Improvement of  skin elasticity.
Repairing damaged areas of the epidermis.
Removing inflammation.
UV Protector


Maxia Pure Crystal Peeling

Maxia Pure Crystal Peeling, is an Crystal peeling to rejuvenate skin cells. Exfoliates the skin, leaves it smooth and silky. Contains: Exfoliating crystals for a smooth skin, Allantoin to soothe the skin, Tocopherol as an oxidation inhibitor, Aloe Vera to sooth and hydrate the skin. Contains a unique complex produced from tomato and cranberry seeds extract. Rich in lycopene, omega-3 & omega-6. Contains an anti-aging component with efficient antioxidant ingredients and phytosterols to nourish the skin.

Maxia Pure Crystal Peeling

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